As this year winds to a close, we need to assess 2009 and get ready for what God has for us in the coming year. It is time for us to take a look in the mirror and be honest with ourselves about our walk with God. All of us go through a performance evaluation every year at our jobs, where we sit down with our bosses and talk about what we did well and where we can improve. We look at the various facets of job performance – attendance, self-motivation, teamwork, goal achievement, communication, personal growth and so on – and receive a “grade” of sorts from our supervisors. What I’m asking the New Birth family to do this Holiday season is a Spiritual Performance Evaluation, a frank assessment of how we’re doing in the things of God.

Ask yourself a few questions and try to answer them objectively. Am I faithful in my church attendance, my volunteer service, my time with God and my giving, or am I wishy-washy? Do I really put the Kingdom of God first in my priorities and my day-to-day decision-making, or do I “fit God in” to my busy schedule? Am I listening to what Bishop and my Pastor are saying, measuring myself against it and trying to implement it in my life, or am I just accumulating DVD’s that I haven’t made time to listen to? What do I do with those notes that I take every week at church – do they sit in my car until next week? I want us to use the upcoming season to take a really hard look at ourselves, so we can determine if we are getting in the way of our own prosperity.

All of God’s plans for you are “Yes” and “It is so!” The Word says that your life should be lived in a place of abundance and peace. Are you seeing the manifestation of that? His Word says you’re healed and that God’s children should not be broke. Is that your reality? He promised us household salvation – the “good life” for every member of your family. Is there one wandering in the wilderness that everybody’s still praying for? We are peculiar people who have been adopted by God into His royal family – are you a stranger to your covenant promises? While we know there is an adversary whose mission is to destroy our lives, I believe that we give him way more credit than he deserves. Sometimes our lives don’t go as planned because we’re not following the instructions.

If you want to experience an explosion of God’s goodness in 2010, take the time right now to self-evaluate.