On Sunday I addressed my congregation regarding the Tiger Woods situation and I’d like to share some of that with you.  I believe it is important that as Christians, we know how to respond when a public figure misses the mark. It is important that we not get caught up in the world’s method for handling a fall from grace – we have a different, a higher standard.  

Bishop Long preaching on Tiger Woods

Sunday 12-13, how we should respond to Tiger Woods


 I am reminded of the instance when a woman accused of committing adultery was brought before Jesus. His response was to kneel down, write on the ground and say, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” You know the story, one by one the accusers left until only the woman and Jesus remained. When Jesus looked up He asked, “Woman where are your accusers? Didn’t even one of them condemn you?” “No Lord,” she said. “Neither do I, go and sin no more.” (John 8:2-11 NLT) It is important to realize that while we must never condone sin, it is not our place to judge the one committing it. The Word says that “Love covers a multitude of sins” and that is how we are to respond when others miss the mark. Our mission should be to restore.  

In fact, read Galatians 6:1 as Paul tells us exactly how we are to respond – and it’s not sending in negative messages to blogs, radio talk shows and the like.  We should pray for Tiger and his family. Stop calling into talk shows talking about “How dare he…” How dare you! Because quiet as it’s kept, there are some things in all of our lives we wouldn’t want exposed! Yes, what he did as wrong but let’s love him back to restoration.  

Tiger is already in his private hell. But who are we to judge?  Tiger has a defense attorney and his attorney is standing before the bench. His name is Jesus and he hasn’t lost a case.  I don’t think we want to put ourselves in the position as the opposing attorney!  

I wrote Tiger a letter letting him know that I’m here for him if he needs me.  You should do likewise.  Instead of responding as the world responds, write into the blogs and call into the radio shows and talk about the love of God.  We’ve been forgiven of much; can we not find it in our hearts to forgive Tiger?  

I said a lot more and I hope my congregation received it, but most importantly, acted upon it.  If you’d like to hear the entire message (you need to know what happens when we gossip or put our mouth against another) visit our online bookstore.  

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